The Galaxy Fold 2 from Samsung will arrive in April 2020

   In February 2019, alongside the Galaxy S10 range, Samsung's first folding smartphone was announced, but sustainability issues sent the Galaxy Fold back to the drawing board.

   However, even before its revised version was announced in September, the grapevine started reporting from the South Korean electronics giant on a second folding phone.
   We've heard reports of the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 coming with a smaller screen size than the current Fold with a clamshell-like flip phone-like design. Now, Samsung seems to have decided to make another change.
  It is likely that on the second-generation folding mobile, Samsung can replace the current transparent plastic polyimide (PI) protective layer on the current Fold's screen with ultra-thin scratch-resistant glass (UTG).
Cost cutting
   UTG does not come cheap though. The same statement from ETNews indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be cheaper, coming in at around $1,500 (around £ 1,165/AU$2,197), which is slightly lower than the current eye-watering $1,980/ £ 1,800 price tag from the Fold. If this is valid, Samsung can decide to stick to the PI layer in order to reduce the cost of production.
   Another way to bring down the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 cost would be to sell a smaller storage version. The Fold is currently available in just one 512 GB model, but Samsung can offer a 256 GB alternative with the Fold 2 according to SamMobile.
   We're certainly hoping that Samsung will lower the price of Fold 2 (or whatever its final moniker might be), making it more accessible to the masses. And while the redesigned Galaxy Fold still has its problems, there is a good chance that Samsung would have learned from the experience and that the launch of its next folding phone would go much smoother.
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